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Falling in love with the outdoors on Valentine’s Day

Fall in love with the outdoors

If you ask an avid hiker, climber, skier, or hill runner what it is that made them fall in love with the outdoors, the chances are they won’t be able to articulate it. This is because for many of us it is deeply personal.
Included in this piece are the inspiring answers from some well-known outdoor enthusiasts on the ‘why’ behind their love for the outdoors, as well as a few key tips and advice to help you on your journey to falling in love with the outdoors.
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How to:

Comfort in the outdoors

If you are going to love your time spent outdoors it is vital that you are comfortable. This means; being warm and dry in winter and cool and hydrated in summer, knowing how to use your equipment so you do not get frustrated with your gear, and bringing adequate food to fuel your adventure. People spend years refining their outdoor equipment to their own personal preferences. Here are our essentials that you may not have considered for being comfortable in the outdoors. 

  • Gloves – For many of us the main factor that can take a hike from enjoyable to unbearable is cold, numb hands. A good pair of; waterproof, insulated gloves are undoubtedly essential for winters spent in the outdoors.
  • Clif bars – Or trail snack of choice, #GOteam member Carol loves Fruit Pastilles! Make sure you have adequate nutrition to fuel your adventures.
  • High-quality Socks –  Blisters are a sure way to make you fall out of love with the outdoors. Merino wool socks are a great preventive measure as well as well-fitting footwear. This winter many people are also discovering and enjoying our waterproof sock range.
  • Base Layers – Where the insulation starts! Merino wool base layers are best for optimal warmth and synthetic ones are great for faster adventures.
  • Flask – Ahhh! The pure bliss of enjoying a hot cup of tea (or hot chocolate!) as you take shelter from a hail shower on a long hike. Warming you from the inside out!

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As soon you have the gear sorted, any cold breeze, rain shower, or hailstorm will no longer ruin your outdoor experience. In fact, they may even be a welcome addition! Member of Tough Soles, Ellie loves the outdoors “for the freezing air that pinches your face, and the simplicity that you find there.” A cold wind can be quite refreshing if you need to blow away the cobwebs after a stressful week. One of the incredible aspects of the outdoors according to Galz Gone Wild founder Mel McDermott is that “It doesn’t ask us for anything, it offers up its beauty to us for free. Which is one of the reasons why we should want to protect it.” 

Solitude & Quiet

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Once you feel comfortable in the outdoors; its gifts are yours to experience and treasure.
When you feel totally comfortable in your outdoor prowess, perhaps you begin to venture out on your own. Leaving the technological world behind and enjoying the simple sensations of moving amongst the trees, hills, or waves. Ultra-Runner John O’Regan loves “the opportunity to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature. [He] feels most alive when in green spaces or moving through the rugged beauty of a mountain landscape.” This can be a truly freeing experience, and once you begin to garner enjoyment from this you will be able to take the outdoors with you wherever you go, as Conor O’Keeffe told us, when he is outdoors “I’m just who I am and she accepts that.
And wherever I am I can take her with me.” You are now very close to experiencing true love with the outdoors.


Movement in a dark night
Pushing yourself and summiting the mountain, getting in the cold sea, or camping for the first time are all incredible learning experiences that come with an incredible amount of satisfaction. These experiences will be different for everybody of course, but for Global Endurance Athlete Jason Black these experiences come in the form of some of the natural world’s greatest endurance challenges. For Jason, the outdoors is his gym and his arena.

“When in the outdoors my boundaries and opportunities seem endless, my potential is limitless, and the silent lesson mother nature taught me; the critical importance to live now.” – Jason Black

Once you have had one of these deeply personal experiences, you will recall it, think about it, desire it again. And again. You are now in love with the outdoors!

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