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The Ultimate Backpacking Tent for Ireland

Mountain Hardwear Tent in the Great Outdoors

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Leaky, heavy, slow to set-up, cramped. None of these are words that you can use to describe the Hubba NX and Hubba Hubba NX from MSR. This world-renowned range of backpacking tents is perhaps the best range of tents on the market for everything in Ireland from; thru-hiking, backpacking, bike-packing, and even family camping.

Wild Camping,Multi Day Hikes,Over Nighting


Having a minimum weight (referring to the lightest configuration recommended for normal use) of only 1.54 kg for the 2 person tent and a mere 1.12 kg for the 1 person these are incredibly light tents. They sit in the sweet spot of what we call functionally lightweight, many tents boast lighter weights. However, once the tent weighs much less than the Hubbas you begin to sacrifice on features.


The Hubba and Hubba Hubba both use the same fabrics, the lightweight 20D ripstop nylon which provides a hydrostatic head of 1200mm, which is the plenty to ensure rain doesn’t get in, while still being thin enough to allow excellent breathability to ensure you never wake up in a condensation soaked tent. The floor of the tents is a slightly thicker 30D ripstop nylon and has a hydrostatic head of 3000mm to protect you from the wet ground (which is often unavoidable in Ireland!) We would always recommend using a footprint underneath your tent. Much like a phone case for your new phone, this will protect your beautiful tent from getting scratched or punctured while also offering an extra layer of waterproofing.

Easy to set-up

The Hubba and Hubba Hubba tents are all free-standing, meaning to do not need to peg it down for it to stay upright. It is recommended to always peg it down of course! As they are free-standing, the Hubba and Hubba Hubba tents are amongst the easiest tents to set up. We often set them up, in-store for customers before they purchase them. With a bit of practice, you can get the tent set up in less than 5 minutes, by yourself!

Watch our in-store setup video here


Nobody likes a cramped tent. The Hubba and Hubba Hubba tents are definitely not cramped! Both the solo and 2 person versions have approximately 1 meter of headroom, meaning you could comfortably get changed in them. An essential feature for multi-day adventures. The Hubba Hubba has two doors, meaning you won’t wake up your camping buddy if you need to get up before them! Both doors of which have a large vestibule, big enough for a full-sized expedition bag (60-80 liters) as well as a pair of wet, muddy boots!


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